Our Favorite Songs of 2022

As we approach the end of another year, we can’t help but reflect on its top music hits. From well-known pop icons to new artists, here are some of our favorite songs of 2022.

Lizzo – About Damn Time

Lizzo’s album, Special, hit streaming platforms over the summer, but before its launch, we got a sneak peek of what to expect when her single “About Damn Time” was released. The song talks about getting back up from feeling down and turning up the music: It’s time to get up, get out, and have fun!

Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero

Midnights was released in October to the delight of Swifties, and with it came the single “Anti-Hero,” which we heard on playlists and the radio – and all over TikTok and Instagram reels. The song is about the insecurities and anxieties Taylor experiences – and many of us can relate to – both professionally and personally.

Beyoncé – Break My Soul

Queen Bey brought new music to our lives in 2022, and we are not mad about it! “Break My Soul,” a dance bop that gets you on your feet from the first beat, was the first single from her Renaissance album. It is an empowering song about starting over professionally and leaving that job you hate.

Bad Bunny – Tití Me Preguntó

Bad Bunny released his album Un Verano Sin Ti in May, and “Tití Me Preguntó (My Aunt Asked Me)” officially dropped in June. In the song, Bad Bunny mulls over his aunt’s question regarding whether he has “a lot of girlfriends” and when he’ll get married. Bad Bunny answers by contrasting the more innocent point of view of family versus that of a famous rapper.

Steve Lacy – Bad Habit

Gemini Rights, the latest album from Steve Lacy, dropped in July, and just before it, the single “Bad Habit” was released. The song embodies the perfect blend of funk-pop, lo-fi, and R&B, which landed it at No. 1 for three weeks and No. 2 for four weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is about a missed opportunity with a girl and his own relationship mistakes he repeatedly makes.

Harry Styles – As It Was

Harry Styles’ third solo album, Harry’s House, which included the single “As It Was,” was released in April. Styles sings through the upbeat synth and drums with a sorrowful voice and nostalgic lyrics, longing for a different time and reminiscing about his parents’ divorce. He also took inspiration from the life-changing effects of living through the pandemic.

What were some of your favorite songs of 2022? Share them with us in the comments below!

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