Decadent Chocolates to Treat Yourself to This Valentine’s Day

If chocolate was to have a holiday all to itself, it would be February 14th. Chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple, and while it typically takes form in a heart-shaped, red box, this year, it’s time to up the ante. Whether you’re gifting chocolate to a loved one or simply treating yourself to some well-deserved sweetness, these decadent chocolates are second to none.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat  (Shop here)

The odds are high that you’ve never heard of experiential chocolate, which means you’re in for a sweet surprise. Katrina Markoff is the chocolatier behind this tasty organization, and she prides herself as the alchemist that creates chocolate through the exacting combination of unique ingredients.

With an inspirational, harmony-for-all messaging, this chocolate not only makes you feel good, but it also looks as amazing as it tastes, and that’s no mistake. They experiment with the various taste profiles of their ingredients to create something you truly can’t get anywhere else, and that’s well worth the price tag.

Recchiuti Confections (Shop here)

This high-end option from Recchiuti Confections is all about the truffle, and every single one is unique, delicious and absolutely beautiful. However, there’s one box in specific that really draws the eye, and that’s the Black Box.

This box has won awards, seriously, for its best-selling contents, which include 16 truffles that are each complexly unique and offer such sophisticated flavor profiles that you’ll feel as rich as the chocolate tastes. And trust us, that’s saying something.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates (Shop here)

Some chocolates are just out of this world, and some of them truly look like they are. Christopher Elbow Chocolates fall in both the former and latter categories. These chocolates are handcrafted and combine the worlds of art, expression and flavor into absolutely stunning, detailed and otherwise amazing chocolates.

Essentially, you should forget everything you know about chocolate, because there’s not a single piece that you won’t want to try. The shop offers various bars, gifts, boxes and other collections that will immediately draw your attention, and every piece is truthfully more beautiful than the last, almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Compartes (Shop here)

Finally, though certainly not least of all, Compartes is immediately what comes to mind when we think luxury chocolate. And especially if it’s variety you’re looking for in this year’s chocolate assortment, you’ve come to the right place. Compartes not only offers traditional box options, but they also offer various other desserts boxes, inclusive of high-end, gourmet peanut butter cups and breathtaking chocolate-covered Oreos. Even their basic chocolate bars are absolutely delicious!

Additionally, Compartes actually customizes chocolate, so if you want to take your gift to the next level, or want to send a sweet treat to your Galentine’s with a personalized imprint, this chocolatier does the work for you.

Whether you typically have a sweet tooth or not, there’s no ignoring the importance of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. But rather than grabbing the usual suspects from the local convenience store, this year, don’t be afraid to go big. Because let’s be honest, we all deserve a little sweetness in our lives.

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