Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors You Must Try

Let’s be real: If someone says Ben & Jerry’s, you instantly know what they’re talking about. Keep reading for some awesome ice cream flavors you NEED to try!

Phish Food

Not only does Phish Food have a catchy name, but it also has an addictive taste. It has been a huge hit since 1997, when the ice cream company teamed up with the rock band to create this flavor of chocolatey goodness, cute chocolate fish bites, and marshmallow and caramel swirls.

Brownie Batter Core

Think back to when you would lick the spoon after mixing a batch of brownie ingredients. Brownie Batter Corefeaturing chocolate and vanilla ice cream with fudge brownie pieces and brownie batter at the center gives you that same yummy satisfaction.

Dirt Cake

Although it may be hard to come by, once you spot it, you’d better buy it! Dirt Cake has texture and taste down to a science. With chocolate crumble on top, chocolate ganache mixed in, and vanilla pudding ice cream as the base, this ice cream flavor is a top choice for sure.

Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!

If you love coffee, you’ll love digging into this coffee-flavored ice cream! Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! has a unique formula blended with coffee additives and espresso bean fudge chunks. Your taste receptors will be screaming with pleasure after just one scoop.

Americone Dream

For all of you cone lovers, Americone Dream is ready to amaze you. This scrumptious combination of fudge-covered waffle cone, vanilla ice cream, and caramel swirls will have you begging for more.

Strawberry Topped Tart

Fruit lovers, rejoice! With sweet cream on the bottom, strawberry swirls layered throughout, and sprinkles of flaky pie crust inside, who’s ready to try the incredible Strawberry Topped Tart?

Whiskey Biz

Brown butter bourbon ice cream with whiskey-spiked caramel swirls? That’s exactly what Whiskey Biz consists of. The whiskey flavor is not overpowering, which makes it a great addition to the combination of chunky blonde brownies, delicate white fudge, and silky ganache inside.

What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry‘s ice cream flavor? Share with us in the comments below!

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