How to Prepare for Tick Season

Ticks can latch onto our skin year-round, but they’re more commonly found wreaking havoc during the warmer months. With April fast approaching, we think now is a good time to brush up on our tick knowledge. So, how do we prepare ourselves and prevent tick bites? Read on for some tips!

Cover Up as Much as Possible

The summery weather makes us want to wear tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops all day. But if you’re trying to avoid ticks, covering up is your best option. Think: closed-toe shoes, high socks, and long pants. Below the waist is their breeding grounds, and you want to remove their access before they can latch on.

Shower as Soon as You Get Inside

The CDC recommends hopping in the shower within two hours of being outdoors to reduce your risk of Lyme disease exposure. If you are bit, you should notice it when you strip off your clothes. Showering can also wash off unattached ticks.

Steer Clear of Heavy Tick-Trafficking Areas

Ticks flourish in tall grasses, so steer clear of such areas as much as possible. Be alert and follow common paths, especially when hiking, gardening, or camping.

Have Handy Tools Nearby

In case of a tick bite, keep the proper tools handy. That includes a pair of tweezers, a tick spoon, or a tick key. Whatever you do, don’t use your fingers. Too much pressure can cause the critter to spit out some nasty pathogens. Also, don’t try burning it with a lighter. This method can increase the tick’s chances of regurgitating, ultimately increasing your odds of infection.

Check Your Pets

Pets that love running around outside often get into trouble with ticks. So be sure to check your pets thoroughly – packs, legs, butt, ears, neck, etc. – as soon as they step inside. Even if they are protected by preventative medications, that doesn’t mean the rest of your household is safe. Immediately dispose of any unwanted ticks, so they don’t find themselves another host.

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