Everything You Need to Know About Apple AirTags

If you’re prone to losing your belongings, hopping on the Apple AirTag bandwagon may be your saving grace. You can attach the device to any wallet, backpack, purse, suitcase, keychain, or even your dog’s collar. The goal is to keep track of these items via your phone. But there are a few additional details you should be aware of. Keep reading to learn more and decide whether the Apple AirTag is right for you.

Apple AirTag, According to Apple’s Website…

AirTag is a cost-effective way to keep track of your stuff. You can locate it in the Find My app, the same place you keep track of friends and family members’ locations with the necessary permissions.

The second you misplace an item attached to your AirTag, all you have to do is ping it to find it. The built-in speaker on the AirTag will sound. If the AirTag is further away, you can put it into Lost Mode. Once a device detects it in the network (yours or someone else’s), you’ll get a notification.

The best part about these Apple devices? Your information is 100% private. Your location will never be stored in the AirTag itself. The entire system is anonymous, meaning your identity is kept secret every step of the way for your protection.

What Is Apple AirTag’s range?

Bluetooth signals only register when they are within the AirTag’s range, which is about 33 feet

Does Apple AirTag Work Off Wi-Fi or GPS?

Neither. An Apple AirTag does not work with Wi-Fi or have a GPS tracking system. AirTags work with the “Find My” network of Apple devices. There is no use of satellites.

Are Apple AirTags Waterproof?

Unfortunately, no. However, an Apple AirTag is water-, splash-, and dust-resistant. The tracking device can be in water for 30 minutes at about 3 feet depth.

How Long Does an Apple AirTag Battery Last?

Apple AirTags were created to last a little longer than a year. Luckily, the battery is easy to replace, and your iPhone will notify you when it’s time to swap it out.

Can Apple AirTag Be Used on Two Phones?

The only way an Apple AirTag can be used on two phones is if both devices are logged into the same Apple ID.

Is There a Maximum Number of Apple AirTags Someone Can Have Registered to Their Apple ID?

The number tops out at 16 AirTags per Apple ID.

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