What Is WHOOP?

Calling all health enthusiasts! We have just the thing to keep you on track: WHOOP. Keep reading to see what this fitness tracker is all about.

What Is WHOOP?

WHOOP is a wearable device with a corresponding app that uses physiological data to help you prioritize your training and fitness goals.

How Does WHOOP Work?

WHOOP uses sensors to measure things like heart and respiratory rate, temperature, and calories burned. It’s designed to be worn all day and night, even while sleeping, to collect as much data as possible. Once this information is translated to the app, the device can tell you how much strain you’re experiencing, your recovery percentage, and how your sleep schedule impacts your overall health. The fitness tracker comes with a comfortable knit band, but if you prefer not to keep it on your wrist, you can purchase gear that transfers the tracker into shorts or sports bras.

What Are the Benefits of WHOOP?

WHOOP has a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Insight into Health: Tracking your strain, recovery, and sleep gives you a deeper look at your overall health. WHOOP enables you to push yourself toward a higher strain for muscle gains, relax when you need to recover, and increase or decrease your sleep according to your needs.
  • Sleep Coach: WHOOP assists with gaining a better night’s sleep. It has an internal wake-up alarm linked to the app and can be customized to your preferences, whether to wake up once you get 100% of the sleep you need – or enough sleep to perform well for the day. The best perk is that the silent vibrations won’t jolt you awake, which can raise cortisol first thing in the morning.

What Are the Cons of WHOOP?

  • Ongoing costs: Many fitness trackers, like the Apple Watch, come with a one-time buyout option, where you can either purchase it in its entirety or pay a monthly contract. Once the contract is paid for, you have no more fees. That’s not the case with WHOOP. This fitness tracker charges you monthly or yearly to use it. On the plus side, you’ll always get the most updated version for free, but your subscription will never go away unless you cancel.
  • Sluggish: Most apps are quick to refresh, but WHOOP takes time to sync, especially if you take it off to charge or shower. It can be frustrating if the information doesn’t update immediately.

Do you or someone you know use a WHOOP? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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