See The Link Between Long Life And *This* Kind Of Diet

There’s a particular kind of diet that could potentially increase your life expectancy — a plant-based diet. You may have heard this, or something similar before and according to the documentary, What the Health, the information is spot on

Here are the reasons why it may be better for your health, if you adopt a plant-based diet…

#1 – Processed meats are carcinogenic: According to the documentary, meats that most of us love like bacon, sausage, deli meats and hotdogs are just as hazardous as smoking cigarettes.

#2 – Sugar does not cause diabetes: It’s common to think that diabetes is linked to too much sugar intake. But, diabetes is actually caused by diets that build up high levels of fat in the blood stream, such as animal-based diets.

#3 – Effects of animal protein show up immediately: The effects of eating too much meat doesn’t show up later in life. It actually shows up the moment you eat it. The documentary shared that the moment you eat animal-based proteins, you are exposing yourself to inflammation in your arteries that essentially paralyzes them. This also links to lack of oxygen in the brain and can later lead to dementia.

#4 – Eating chicken can be just as harmful: Did you know researchers found carcinogens in every sample of chicken taken from fast food restaurants in the US?

#5 – Most people are lactose intolerant: You can’t tell from the milk commercials, but according to experts most people are actually lactose intolerant. In fact, 73% of African Americans, 95% of Asians, 70% of Native Americans, and 53% of Hispanic Americans go into that category.

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