Do You Get The Same Health Benefits From Indoor Cycling As Outdoor Bike Riding?

Many people enjoy indoor cycling because of the health benefits and the convenience of doing a complete workout in one place. But, does it provide the same benefits as riding a bike outdoors? Actually, there are some benefits from cycling indoors that you can’t get from riding outside. For instance, you can go as fast as you want without having to worry about terrain, or other safety hazards. That allows you to get a good cardio workout in. On the other hand, with an outdoor bike, you are likely engaging more muscles resulting in a full body workout.

Here are some other benefits of both:

Both Burn Calories

When it’s all said and done, both indoor and outdoor cycling are great calorie burners. Indoor cycling is an intense workout that can burn 400 calories per hour. Riding outdoors can burn 100 calories if you’re just coasting along and up to 600 calories if you’re riding fast.

Train Your Brain and Your Body

Riding both indoors and outdoors are great ways to clear your head and meditate. The steady movement indoors is a gateway to zoning out. Cycling outdoors in nature allows you to get fresh air and will challenge your brain to new stimulation.

Both Are Popular

Regardless of which one you do, both have very strong communities. Spin class is a great way to bond with other indoor cyclers. Outdoor riding is a great way to bond with those who prefer the outdoors more. Maybe you’ll decide to do both.

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