Items In Your Attic That May Be Worth Thousands Of $$

Is there old stuff in your attic or basement that you haven’t looked at in years? What about in your parents’ or grandparents’ home? If so, you could be sitting on a little gold mine.

Spend a weekend going on a treasure hunt looking for the following items:

  • Grandma’s Favorite Painting: Do you have any old paintings just sitting around collecting dust? Well, it just so happens those paintings could be of great value to someone else. When Linda Magnusson, ASA PP; Antiques & Decorative Art of the Magnusson Group in Morristown, New Jersey, did a consultation for a client, she spotted an old painting that landed her client six-figures.
  • Original Cabbage Patch Kid: The original Cabbage Patch Kids have become a rare collectors’ item that could possibly land you a couple of thousand dollars.
  • WWF Hasbro Figures: Was someone in your family a wrestling fan? Collectors are on the hunt for these figures and will pay up to a $1,000 for one. Keep your eye out for the Series 1-5 WWF Hasbro Figures, particularly Hulk Hogan, British Bulldog, Big Boss Man and Miss Elizabeth.
  • Old Vintage Toys: Do you have old vintage toys that are still in good condition? You may be able to make a couple of hundred dollars off of those old toys.
  • Old Pair of Adidas Sneakers: The original Adidas Rom sneaker from 1977 currently sold for $1,500. So, get to searching and see if you  have an old pair of Adidas. They may be worth a pretty penny.
  • Apple iPhone 2g 1st Generation: Do you still have an old iPhone laying around somewhere? That phone could be worth anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 now.
  • Coins: Coin collectors everywhere are always searching for rare pieces to add to their collections. If you so happen to have the coin, you may be able to ask for a hefty price.

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