4 Cool Uses for Lemons You Haven’t Thought Of Before

Lemons are delicious and contribute to some of the tastiest dishes and desserts. Their zesty, tangy, fresh flavors are an excellent summer treat, but they can be used throughout the year as well! Did you know that there are many uses for lemons besides cooking? Here are some ways you can use lemons for your everyday struggles.

Whiten socks

White socks fade very quickly and become dirtier than regular colored socks. To whiten your socks, boil water and add ½ cup of lemon juice. Turn off the burner. Then, let your white socks soak, and you’ll end up with the cleanest and whitest socks ever.

A quick tip: you can also wash your socks in the washing machine by setting the water to hot and adding lemon juice.

Cutting boards

If you’ve been paying attention to cooking shows, you might’ve seen this trick. Lemon helps with deep cleaning your cutting boards, getting rid of any bacteria, and smoothing out the surface. Cut half a lemon and rub it on the cutting board’s surface, adding salt as you go. This will help disinfect and freshen up your board.


If you’re not a fan of all the unnecessary harsh chemicals we put on our bodies, especially with deodorant, lemon juice is the perfect way to freshen up your underarms. For a lemony fresh scent and protected armpits, dab a small amount of lemon juice on throughout the day.

Whiten nails

Nail polish looks cute and trendy, but it can sometimes leave you with yellow and unhealthy looking nails underneath. Luckily, lemons are useful at whitening your nails and getting rid of that yellowish residue. Take a lemon wedge and apply on your unpolished nails.

Have you tried any of these tricks before? What are your favorite ways to use lemons?