Your Guide to a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Ahh, fall… A time for enjoying bonfires, visiting pumpkin patches, spooky movie marathons, and wearing all of your favorite fall capsule wardrobe essentials.

So what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? In short, it’s a collection of classic pieces that go together and are interchangeable. There are a ton of benefits to having one, including:

  1. Everything matches, which can save you time and extra stress when getting ready in the morning.
  2. It’s a great way to show off your signature style because each piece has been oh-so-carefully chosen.
  3. It helps you figure out the fits, colors, and sizes that work best for you – and we are SO for any wardrobe that continuously builds confidence.

Now, let’s dive into what your fall capsule wardrobe should consist of.

(image via nicole hoover)


Tops make great foundation pieces from which to build your outfits, especially since you’ll likely be layering from here. Therefore, your fall capsule wardrobe should include basic tees, a sleeveless bodysuit, a button-down, and a striped tee. Be sure to select tops in neutral shades such as black, white, gray, and navy that you can mix and match with other layers.

(image via who what wear via acielle/style du monde)


Sweaters are essential for a fall capsule wardrobe and offer you the opportunity to choose pieces with interesting accents such as dramatic sleeves or pom-poms. When it comes to sweaters, it’s more about the color versus the style. You’ll want to make sure you have sweater options in camel, cream, black, white, and gray – plus a striped one. Remember, it’s all about making the entire wardrobe interchangeable.


Fall means a chill in the air which probably means you’ll need a jacket. Your fall capsule wardrobe should include pieces such as a nude trench coat, a few neutral blazers, one or two (or six!) cardigans, and one long coat in the color of your choosing.

(image via maison de cinq via fashion jackson)


Now that we have our top half covered, let’s talk bottoms. You’ll want to make sure your fall capsule wardrobe includes wide-leg trousers, blue jeans, and a good pair of black leggings. As you build your wardrobe, you’ll discover what colors you’ll benefit from the most. Of course, the style is totally up to you. If wide-leg trousers aren’t your thing, opt for cropped pants if you feel they would better suit you.


Shoes you’ll need to complete your fall capsule wardrobe include the following: ankle boots, classic white sneakers, Dr. Martens, and slip-ons such as Vans.

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