What Are Nap Earrings?

Sleeping with earrings can be uncomfortable. Many styles are too bulky, and some studs feel like they are stabbing you. This issue can be combated with what are known as nap earrings, earrings designed with flat or round backings that prevent them from poking you when you lie down. Maison Miru seems to have created the nap earring, but there are now a variety of options available. Check them out below.

Maison Miru Evil Eye Nap Earrings ($100, shop here)

These push-pin-like earrings are made of titanium, making them safe for sensitive ears, and the design features a flat backing. The evil eyes are adorned with beautiful blue CZ crystals.

Made by Mary Live-In Stud Earrings ($50, shop here)

Made by Mary has 11 “Live In” stud earring styles to choose from. They are easy to wear during the day and night, thanks to the ball back that easily screws on, securing them to your ear and preventing pokes and stabs.

Mint & Lily Marquis Gemstone Sleeper Earrings ($60, shop here)

If you’re looking for colorful gemstone nap earrings, Mint & Lily is the way to go. These gemstone sleeper earrings come in gold and silver finishes and five stone colorways.

Hello Adorn Tiny Twist Earrings ($32, shop here)

If you want an earring that isn’t a stud, try Hello Adorn Tiny Twist Earrings, available in three finishes. Simply twist them on and go about your routine; they will stay secure.

Gorjana Classic Turquoise Huggies ($350, shop here)

Since these non-bulky huggie earrings from Gorjana are hoops and not studs, you don’t risk getting poked. They feature genuine turquoise set in 14-karat solid gold.

Which of these nap earring styles is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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