The Oversized Sweater, and Why it’s a Winter Staple

Remember Lady Gaga’s lobster heels? How about blue eyeshadow all the way up to the eyebrows? There are some fashion trends that appear and then disappear quickly, lucky for us all. And then, there are the fashion staples that absolutely never stop being trendy. When it comes to winter style, you’ll never go wrong with a great oversized sweater.

Casual Chic

The oversized sweater is your go-to item when you want to create a casual, cute look. Pair your oversized sweater with leggings or skinny jeans. This quick, cute look can be paired with boots or athletic shoes for casual, on-the-go attire. You don’t want to put a baggy sweater on top of baggy pants, because then you may look sloppy. Baggy-on-baggy means there’s no definition for any part of your figure—which won’t do your body any favors.

Top off your sweater with a scarf to add more color to your look. Want to add a touch of sexiness to your style? Choose an oversized sweater you can slip down over one shoulder to show just a bit of skin. Add a skinny scarf around your neck. Voila!

A Little Bit Sexy

If you want to create a head-turning winter look, the oversized sweater is a perfect choice. Wear it as a winter dress when you pair it with boots, and you may just stop traffic. If you think your sweater might expose just a little too much skin, or you want an extra layer, slip a form-fitting mini dress on under your sweater to get a little extra coverage. And if you don’t want to show too much leg, wear thigh-high boots. Make an oversized sweater look dressy by pairing it with pretty high heels, and you’ll be ready for any evening out.

Layer It

Need a more sophisticated or professional look? The oversized sweater doesn’t always have to be about casual style. When you wear your sweater over a collared shirt, you create a very stylized, classy look that’s perfect for any business meeting. Wear it with solid-color skinny slacks and ankle boots, and you’re dressed to rule any boardroom.


Make your oversized sweater have more impact with the right accessories. Add a long necklace to dangle in the front, wear a wide belt to give your figure more definition or use a front tuck to give your sweater a slightly different shape. There are lots of ways to wear an oversized sweater, and that’s why this is always going to be a must-have, go-to winter fashion item.

Choosing the Perfect Winter Sweater

There are a lot of ways to style an oversize sweater, accessories that will make it pop and pairings that create cute outfits. But that doesn’t mean you can just grab any big sweater and go. Look for an oversized sweater that suits your body shape and natural coloring to find a look that will truly complement your beauty. You want a sweater that’s big, but not gigantic on your frame. Find one that has a length to suit your body. A good oversized sweater should fall about mid-thigh if you’re on the short side, and just above the knee if you’re taller.

Get a few oversized sweaters, and get through this winter with lots of stylish wardrobe choices that are fun and comfortable to wear.

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