4 Ways to Store Your Gloves (So You Stop Losing Them)

Gloves are one of those fashion accessories that always seems better in theory than they are in reality. You can always find one but not the other, and you can never find the pair you want when you go looking for them. Learn how to store your gloves so that you can actually find them and wear them, and start using this great winter accessory.

A DIY Glove Hanger

You can always use clothes pins or shoe organizers to store your gloves, but these projects aren’t all that pretty. Make a DIY glove hanger that’s actually stylish using binder clips. They come in a lot of pretty colors and hollow designs that can look elegant when you pair them with a pretty satin ribbon. Hang the ribbon from a hook on a wall or a door, and use the clips to attach the gloves in pairs. This way, you can see your gloves and find them easily, so you can access them whenever you want to wear them.

Store Them With Your Coat

Have you got a cute pair of gloves that perfectly match a certain coat or jacket? If you have a pair of gloves that go specifically with an outerwear item, use a simple trick: put the gloves in the pockets. Put one glove in each pocket, and now you’ll have your gloves right there whenever you wear the coat or jacket they’re supposed to go with.

Marry Them

If you habitually lose one of your gloves and have a hard time keeping pairs together, there’s a very simple solution: stuff one inside the other. Just marry your gloves, which means put them together. Put on one glove, and hold out the other. Put your gloved hand inside the other glove about halfway, and then take the glove off your hand. This is an easy way to get your gloves together. Once they’re together like this, store your gloves on a shelf or in a drawer. Store them as a set, and you won’t wind up with one lonely glove when you’re trying to complete an outfit.

The Right Way to Store Your Gloves

Take a few extra steps with your winter accessories, and store your gloves the right way. A great pair of gloves can complete an outfit, and they can also seriously save your hands when the weather is cold, wet or both. Gloves are a great winter accessory in practice, so stop thinking about wearing them in theory and start getting some real use out of yours.

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