Do You Put Your Makeup on the Right Way?

Do you pull on your eyelid to apply eyeliner? Do you clump on your mascara? You’ve probably been putting makeup on for years — and there’s a chance that you’ve been putting it on the wrong way the whole time. Learn the right way to apply makeup, and find a better way to enhance your natural beauty.

Inside Out

When you put on your foundation, do you start at your forehead and work your way down? Do you start at the edges and work inward? If you answered yes to either question, you’re putting your foundation on the wrong way. Foundation should always be applied from the middle of your face outward. That means you want to start with your nose. Don’t apply foundation at your hairline at the top of your forehead, because this can create a visible makeup line. If you do, be sure to buff it out with a dark clean hand towel or clean makeup brush. You also don’t want to dot foundation all over your face and then blend, because it will begin to dry and set before you start to blend.


Do you apply concealer before you put on your foundation? Your concealer should only be applied after the foundation is in place. See how much coverage you get from the foundation first, then gently tap the concealer onto your skin. Blend well before you apply bronzer or finishing powder. When you’re using concealer to hide bags under your eyes, apply it in a triangle shape under your eyes.


Sweep your blush from the ear down the cheekbone towards the nose, and end under the middle of each eye. Blend well. Add a little touch of blush to the chin and blend it well to make your face appear longer. Long faces: apply blush on cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. We always love a soft tone of blush, either with a hint of tan or a little orange in it. Too much pink can be overbearing on many faces.

Highlights and Contours

If you’re applying highlights to your face, make sure to put them on properly. Add a little to the top of your cheekbones, in-between your eyebrows and on your Cupid’s bow.

Contouring powder should be applied along the sides of the nose, near the hairline of your forehead and in the hollows of your cheeks. Blend!

Apply Makeup the Right Way

Take the time to put your makeup on the right way, and you will notice a difference in your finished look. When you start with good technique, you’ll be able to create more natural-looking beauty every time you put on makeup.

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