The Best Stay At Home Bra List

The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra from Third Love

In our daily endless scroll through Instagram, we’ve discovered some brands that make wearing a bra look not only luxurious, but also relaxing. Investing in some supportive sets from these alluring brands may be just what you need to make it through the coming weeks.

ThirdLove Click Here

Touting an impressive 78 sizes, ThirdLove is proving less is more, allowing all women to own fewer bras that fit seamlessly. In-between sizes? No problem. ThirdLove invented the half-cup so you never feel you’re compromising on size. The brand offers a variety of silhouettes but is known for their signature Classic T-shirt Bra, which, coming in over 70 sizes, stands out as an everyday essential. It also has over 40k reviews nearing a perfect five star average, so if those don’t convince you, nothing will.

CUUP Click Here

This brand makes bras that look like clothes. From their styling to their models to their production, everything about this brand makes us think, “yes, we could wear this bra with a pair of pants and go to the store.” Their aesthetic and brand personality are so well defined that you can’t help but feel pulled in by their product. With five different styles and undies to match, you may just find yourself placing an order (even if it’s for post-quarantine outfits).

True & Co. Click Here

This brand is very inviting. Their Instagram feed is full of women of every shape and size smiling and looking amazing in their bras and undies. It just feels like an instant burst of joy. A little less sexy but a little more functional than CUUP, True & Co. offers bras that look incredibly supportive, but also fuss-free. Additionally, they offer a “Fit Quiz” on their site to help suggest the best bras for your body.

SKIMS Click Here

SKIMS has revealed itself to be a brand we should be paying attention to. Beyond the inclusivity of body types, the product itself is a neutral palette lover’s dream. Their bra styles range from classic underwires to inventive, fashion-forward styles. Plus, the images of Kim K. effortlessly lounging around her home in nothing but her SKIMS bras and undies is definitely a vibe.

KYE Intimates Click Here

This brand is truly for “The Instagram Girl.” Not as inclusive as the previous three brands, but the minimalism and artistic appeal found on their social media pages are enough to make us buy. KYE makes the list for its aspirational appeal. It’s a small brand that makes bodies look like art and bras look like the paint. It makes us want to love undergarments. And for that, we applaud it.

If these brands didn’t at least make you think about wearing a bra again, then congrats, you are very committed to the no-bra cause. But, if you’re like us, you may be looking at your new quarantine wardrobe!

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