The Best Running Shoe Brands for Going the Distance

With gyms around the country shutting their doors for an unknown period of time, and the risk of returning to the ones now open, people have been forced to look to outdoor activities to accomplish their daily exercise routines. Men and women who had never considered themselves “runners” have suddenly found themselves on city sidewalks and running paths churning out the miles in place of weights and lighter calisthenics at the gym. Every long-distance runner knows it’s all in the shoes. So, with the running population growing every day, we’ve rounded up the best brands to look to for running shoes that can accomplish everything from light runs to full blown marathons.


I can personally vouch for Hoka as a top-notch running shoe brand. The super-cushioned sneaker adds a bit of bounce to each step, and from my first run in these shoes I instantly felt I could run faster and further. They do take a few runs to break in (had to bandage a few blisters), but now that I’ve had them and run in them for a while, I can’t say anything bad about this shoe. The brand says the shoe is made to “feel like you’re flying;” plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no matter how many runs you took in those 30 days. Click here to shop Hoka.


Runners everywhere are reaching for Nikes before they go on their daily runs. The brand offers a wide selection of sneakers, but it’s easy to determine which shoe is right for you as they break down their sneakers by activity on their site. Also, when in doubt, you can always turn to the plentiful reviews on their site to guide you towards the right style. Click here to shop Nike.

On Running

On Running strives to make every run feel like you’re running on clouds. Started in Switzerland in 2010, the brand was created by professional athletes, so you can trust these shoes are made with an athletic mindset and supply answers to problems other sneakers might not. Like other brands, On Running also allows you to shop based on your needs (what type of terrain you run on and what kind of running you’re doing). It’s a lesser known brand that’s worth checking out. Click here to shop On Running.

New Balance

The brand that once symbolized dads mowing lawns has now risen to the top of the list of sneakers for serious runners. Like Nike, they offer an extensive selection of sneakers based on activity. Also, besides running, New Balance has also emerged as a fashion shoe brand, offering street style footwear worn by celebrities and influencers alike. So, if your athletic prowess starts and stops at walking to the grocery store, these are the shoes for you. Click here to shop New Balance.

Have a running shoe you love? Let us know! Comment below with your favorite sneaks for running, walking, and everything in-between. See you at the finish line!

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