Five Things You Need to Add to Your Morning Coffee

Ahhh…Coffee! We love a good morning brew, or two, to help kickstart the day. Since everyone has been stuck working from home, many people have resorted to be more inventive with their own caffeine creations. While some have been fascinated by the whole “whipped” coffee trend, others are learning to add just the right amount of sweetener. Never have we missed our local baristas more! Until we’re all officially reunited with them, we’ve put together some of the most simple yet beneficial ingredients that we never knew we needed before. Commence the caffeine high, shall we?

Unsalted Butter  

While it may seem weird to add butter to coffee, this ingredient has proven to be tasty and can provide reduced jitters and crashes. The use of butter can cut out some of the bitterness that coffee can have. It can also keep you feeling fuller longer. When butter and coffee work together, the fat will kick the body into fat-burning drive first thing in the morning and provide longer-lasting energy throughout your morning.


Collagen is known for having multiple health benefits associated with its use, like the improvement of overall skin health, increased muscle mass, helps prevent bone loss and more. This ingredient is safe to put in coffee because it’s not too hot where the proteins will break down to the point of no benefit. Since most collagens are tasteless and odorless, they won’t affect the flavor of your coffee and can be added to your normal recipe.

Coconut Oil 

Give your body more of a natural energy boost in the morning by adding coconut oil. The liver processes coconut oil as energy instead of fat which will help speed up your metabolism. The ingredient MCT found in coconut oil also helps to detoxify your liver! To make, start small by adding 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to your cup of coffee. Stir until completely dissolved. Craving tropical vibes? Pop the oil in the blender with your coffee and get it nicely frothed (about 1-2 minutes). Then top it off cinnamon for a sweet taste.

Frothed Vegan Milk  

Shake up the way you normally add milk to your coffee in the morning by making a vegan (and delicious) choice! By frothing oat or almond milk and adding it to coffee, it adds a nice, creamy texture. These types of milks have a habit of separating due to the acidity in the coffee, so this will help integrate the two ingredients and restore flavor.

Vanilla Ice Cream 

For those that have a bit more of a sweet tooth, there’s nothing wrong with pouring your favorite brew over a scoop of ice cream in the morning. The hot coffee will melt the ice cream, which will have it act as a heavy cream. Think of it as your home-made affogato. As an added treat, drizzle mocha or caramel sauce on top for a little extra flavor.

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