Three 4th of July Outfit Ideas that Aren’t Tacky

4th of July is right around the corner, and while this year’s celebrations are going to look a bit different without large crowds gathering for firework extravaganzas, backyard BBQs and poolside hangouts may still be on the menu. Every year I went to some sort of 4th of July gathering, and every year I saw girls decked out in red, white, and blue with the design of the American Flag applied as eyeshadow. This year, lets stay away from the over the top vibes and lean into something a bit more mature while still having fun at our 4th of July celebrations.

White Jeans + A Tucked in Tank + A Hair Accessory

Let me say this once for the ladies in the back, you don’t need to wear all red, white, and blue. In fact, a subtle nod to the holiday is much chicer way to dress for 4th of July. I recommend grabbing your favorite pair of white jeans and starting with that as a base. A simple tank top or bodysuit is a perfect piece to add—players choice for color. Pop in a small hair accessory (headband, clip, etc.), and if this is where you want to add in a pop of red or blue, you have my full support!

Red, White, or Blue Slip Dress

Correct, not all three, but choose one shade from the flag and commit to it on a slip dress. Slip dresses are the number one way to wear something super easy and still look trend-forward. By simply picking one color to represent your festive spirit, you get the theme across to others at your gathering and you don’t have to worry about if your blue mascara is running down your face in the sweltering heat. Trust me, you may be tempted to order something on Amazon with a bald eagle emblazoned on the front, but I say—just don’t.

A Blue Swimsuit

In the event your get together has a pool aspect (lucky you) your job is very easy. A white swimsuit runs the risk of being see-through (no thank you!), a red swimsuit can look a little risqué for a family friendly event, but blue never fails. Pick a sportier style so you have the option of mobility. You never know when someone is going to throw up a volleyball net or start a rousing game of bocce ball, but with a do-anything swimsuit, you’re prepared.

At the end of the day, if wrapping yourself in full American Flag designs and heading to grill some burgers is what makes you happy—go for it. But if you’re looking to elevate your summer holiday fashion this year, the above three outfit ideas are Jenn tested, party approved.

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