How To Make Sweatpants Look Amazing

Who hasn’t wished they could stay in their cozy sweatpants while going out with friends? We’re certainly guilty. That wish might not be as far-fetched as you’d think. Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are just two of the celebrities who rock sweatpants as part of their iconic, luxury-chill street style. We’ve studied their masterful balance of comfy and chic for you, and created this easy recipe for how to make those super comfy sweatpants look fancy too.

The ‘Fit Must Fit: Even a paper bag will look chic if it’s well-tailored. Your first step in taking sweatpants from lazy-chill to luxury-chill is making sure you’ve got the perfect fit. Consider bringing your sweatpants to your tailor to achieve this high-fashion, low-effort look.

Shoes Show All: The shoes you pair your sweatpants with will make or break that fancy feel. Rihanna is the queen of contrast in fashion; she often dresses up casual sweatpants by wearing simple stilettos. Sneakers have their place in a sophisticated sweatpants look too — a chic pair of tennis shoes will take your sweatpants from gym teacher to street style influencer in a snap.

One Color to Rule Them All: In case of emergency, break out a good monochromatic look. Sweatpants are transformed into ultimate casual-chic through the perfect planning of a monochromatic outfit. Kylie Jenner could clothe an army in the number of monochromatic casual-wear styles she’s been seen in. Keeping your outfit all one color is an easy and definite way to create the image of a cohesive and coordinated outfit. Think of a monochromatic outfit as the instant coffee of casual-chic — no effort, no frills, all the punch.

Play with Proportions: This is another trick Rihanna has mastered. We’ve saved this tip for last because not checking the proportions in your style is like baking bread by leaving all the ingredients in your fridge — you have everything you need, but nothing’s cooking. Matching a pair of baggy sweatpants with a fitted crop top will take your look from casual to Calabasas. Playing with proportions automatically creates an interesting contrast in your outfit and is the quickest way to make your sweatpants look great.

Whether you’re heading to the store, your boo’s house, or drinks with friends, these four rules will make those sweatpants look less like your couch’s friend and more like Kylie’s friend. Plus, who said couture can’t still be comfy?


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