Four Accessories We Had to Have in the ’90s That We HAVE to Have Again

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You have probably noticed that ’90s fashion is back in a big way. We’re seeing overalls, Dr. Martens, matching sets, and babydoll tees all over the place! But channeling that inner cool girl doesn’t mean simply having the clothes to look the part; we need the accessories, too. So whether you dusted off your Docs months ago or have found peace leaving them in your past, we think everyone will enjoy reminiscing over these four ‘90s accessory staples.

Butterfly Clips

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If you didn’t have butterfly clips in every color, did you grow up in the ’90s? (If you were really cool, you had the ones that changed colors in the sun.) We knew it would only be a matter of time before these clips were back in style, and as it turns out, we’re wearing them the same way we always did. So if you’re looking for a way to fashionably hold back tiny sections of your hair, you’ve got to get your hands on a package of butterfly clips.

Our Pick: Eaone 50-Piece Butterfly Hair Clips ($7.99, shop here)

Temporary Tattoos

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Temporary tattoos back in the day were sticky, splotchy messes. No surprise there, because most of us got them from quarter machines or gum wrappers. Today, temporary tattoos look more realistic, and some people even use them to decide if they want the real thing. We’re thanking our lucky stars that we weren’t old enough to get all of those armband tats we so desperately wanted.

Choker Necklaces

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Some chokers in the ’90s were of the tattoo-style variety, complete with beads, yin-yang symbols, or peace sign charms. Today, wearing a choker with your ’90s-inspired ’fit is easily the only accessory you need. And the beauty of being a ’90s it girl in a 21st-century world is that Amazon exists, and you can nab multi-packs of these chokers instead of having to go to the mall every time you need a new one.

Our Pick: Aleasha Choker Necklace Set ($10.99, shop here)

Tiny Sunglasses

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We’re seeing these sunglasses everywhere! Some stay true to the oval-shaped lenses of years past, while others have gotten modern makeovers with geometric lenses. And just like when they were popular the first time, you can find these sunglasses in any color your heart desires!

Our Pick: Le Specs Outta Love Oval Sunglasses ($59, shop here)

Which of these ’90s accessory trends is your favorite?


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