Draw Romance into Your Life with Feng Shui

Feng Shui offers a rock-solid piece of advice on attracting love into your life, but it may get lost buried beneath hints on situating your bed and opening your windows for fresh air. Not that there’s anything wrong in banishing family portraits from your bedroom so that you won’t feel inhibited by the sense that Mom and Dad are watching your every intimate move. Decluttering your bedroom so that a lover doesn’t trip over piles of shoes and clothes on the way to bliss also seems like practical love advice.

The core of Feng shui teaches a lesson that will serve you well long after you’ve forgotten to put pairs of doodads such as candles and hearts and identical nightstands scattered in your boudoir. Here’s the big reveal:

You will draw love to you if you feel love and do not go looking for a romantic relationship out of neediness or insecurity. You are lovable, and you should express that love with positive energy. These Feng shui love cures are effective because they create an environment that will help make you feel happy, secure and loveable.

Toss reminders of old loves.

Get rid of his clothes and his presents. No tokens or photos should linger in your life if you’ve broken up or divorced.  Some Feng shui experts recommend that you go to the length of buying a new bed.

View your door as the start.

Clutter by the front door conveys more than your view on the need for meticulous housekeeping. It pushes a potential lover away before he even enters your life. Heaps of shoes are especially discouraging because they show you’ll walk away easily.

Make room in your life.

Clear space in your closet and leave some empty hangers as a symbol that you are serious about allowing someone to share your life. Clean out an area in your refrigerator for his favorite kombucha and kefir water.

Banish work from the bedroom.

Your laptop and piled-high desk send a clear signal that your work will distract you from his attentions. That’s not the message that you want your bedroom to deliver.

Don’t make him feel trapped.

Many of today’s tiny apartment bedroom practically dictate that you shove the bed up against the wall. One of you will be forced to climb over the other, and that’s not a graceful exit. Place your bed in a position so that you both can easily get up and get out.

Get the right bed.

If your bed is too small, those feelings of entrapment may recur. If it’s too big, you may find the two of you drifting apart. Fresh sheets are the ultimate in making a lover comfortable.

Make energy flow in your bedroom.

The less distraction in your bedroom, the better. Get rid of clutter. Throw open the windows to let fresh air flow. Install an aromatherapy diffuser with healing oils.

Feng shui consultants call these love cures. Most of us would view them as expressions of beauty that strengthen your energy for love.



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