Watch Your Sweaty Step

We all know those people with perpetually stinky feet—maybe you’re one. This stench is a direct result of bacteria that forms when feet sweat. Make sure to always wash and completely dry feet so that bacteria are less likely to grow. If you’re exfoliating them regularly, you’ll also help bring down the stank factor.To help absorb moisture, dust feet with powder, focusing extra on the soles and between the toes where bacteria tends to lurk. Soaking feet is also helpful, especially in a basin of warm water and Epsom salt, which helps draw out the sweat and excess toxins your feet accumulate throughout your busy day. Also, don’t wear the same socks and shoes for consecutive days if you can help it. Let your shoes air out for 24 hours after wearing, and if possible, replace your insoles every 2-3 months depending on activity level—they’re breeding grounds for bacteria.

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