A Short Guide for the Boho Bride

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When we hear the term “boho,” we often think of huge bell sleeves, lace, and the 1970s. Fortunately, style is always evolving, and the boho bride trend is no different. Brides today have several ways to channel their inner bohemian. Let’s start by considering the term itself: bohemian. By definition, bohemian refers to being socially unconventional in an artistic way. The first thing to consider when you start playing with the idea of a boho wedding is your targeted artsy unconventional style. We’ve created a small guide that may help you decide what Bohemian style suits you.

Flower Power. To say that a floral wedding gown is show stopping would be the understatement of the year. Romantic and inspired by nature, a floral gown is perfect for any spring or summer bride. You can opt for a traditional look by choosing an ivory color palette with subtle floral details or go bold with a colorful allover floral print.

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The Bibliophile Bride. Calling all Jane Austen fans! If you feel most at home with your nose in a book, then consider a dress that appears to be straight out of Pride and Prejudice. Beautiful lines and a soft silhouette will work together to create the most romantic, elegant gown.

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Little Wedding on the Prairie. If wide-open spaces are your happy place, consider this prairie-style wedding dress. These dresses blend perfectly with a laid-back bride. They offer several beautiful details, including intricate details in the fabric and accent sleeves or cinched waists. These dresses are often paired with bold accessories such as hats or chunky jewelry.

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Grecian Goddess. Ahh, the Grecian-inspired wedding gown. If you want to feel like an actual real-life goddess, then this is the dress style for you. These dresses are characterized by the elegantly draped fabric that is reminiscent of a toga. A major plus to Grecian-style wedding dresses is that they are super flattering on all body types. One thing to be careful about when considering a Grecian wedding gown is making sure that you’re not donning so much fabric that the dress ends up weighing you down; these gowns are meant to look light.

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Short and Sweet. Just because it’s a wedding gown doesn’t mean it has to grace the floor. If that isn’t your thing, consider a short wedding dress with those adorable boho details. Not only do these dresses typically cost less, but you can wear them again and feel like a boss as you go against tradition. Not that there’s anything wrong with traditional; sometimes it’s just fun to challenge the norm, you know? After all, that’s kind of what the bohemian life is all about. And what a great way to show off your wedding shoes, too!

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Minimalist. Sometimes less is more, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to minimalist boho wedding gowns. These dresses are comparable to Grecian style but have a bit more variety when it comes to shape and texture. The beauty of a minimalist style dress is that the length and style are totally up to you, making this a great dress style option for anyone.

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Two-Piece. Oh, we are positively drooling over the two-piece style wedding dress. Not only is this look trendy, but the bride gets to control what textures go where. For instance, maybe you would like to opt for a lace top paired with an all tulle skirt! Or maybe you were thinking of showing a little skin by pairing a crop top with a skirt.

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Straight Vintage. And last, but certainly not least, go full-on vintage boho. This is a great way to save a few extra bucks and give life to an old dress. Start by scouring your favorite local thrift stores to find the perfect gown. And don’t feel bad if you find a gown that you feel needs some changes. It’s YOUR big day, so cut those sleeves off if you need to!

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