1970s Styles Making a Comeback This Summer

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If there’s any era to be remembered for its carefree vibes, it’s the ’70s. A time when self-expression was at the forefront, these years bore memorable music, mantras, and, of course, fashion. And while we previously admired the fringe and structured coats of style icons like Farrah Fawcett and Stevie Nicks, we are excited to see the resurgence of ’70s couture in this summer’s trends.


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Arguably the most iconic staples of ’70s fashion were bell-bottoms. Popularized by Sonny and Cher, these wide-legged pants came in denim, polyester, cotton, and more and were worn by men and women alike. Today, we’re seeing personalities like Harry Styles and Dakota Johnson donning these flared-leg trousers, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good company if you’re rocking this style!

Shaggy Hair

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The rock scene of the ’70s led bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones to be in constant scrutiny for their long, multilayered mops, but there’s no doubt that they made a lasting impression in fashion history. Shaggy hair has made a quiet comeback in the hair community, starting with the revival of “curtain bangs” and soon evolving into a style called the “wolf cut.” Regardless of the length of hair, a true shag cut emanates edgy, rockstar confidence that we want to carry into 2022.

Standout Shades

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Understate rectangular and oval frames of the ’90s are currently taking a backseat to the oversized, tinted sunglasses that took the ’70s by storm. Popular styles like aviator, round, square, and cat-eye lenses allowed fashionistas of the era to accessorize as an extension of their quirky, exaggerated silhouettes.

With music festival season just around the corner, you’ll have the perfect venues to show off your own ’70s-inspired specs. Expect to see lots of tortoiseshell frames and amber-tinted lenses on the rise. Some of our favorites include the Free People’s Glenda Oversized Square Sunglasses ($25, shop here) and Ray-Ban’s 50mm Round Glasses in Gold Brown ($89.97, shop here).

Platform Shoes

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The ’70s were an age of androgyny, where women leaned into pantsuits and masculine silhouettes, and men slipped into tighter-fitting pants and jackets. But if there’s one area of fashion that everyone found comfort in, it’s in the platform shoe. You could find just about every shoe style in platform form, be it clog, sandal, boot, or oxford.

With bell-bottoms back in the spotlight, it’s no surprise that people are in search of the footwear to match. Square-toed go-go boots are a favorite of model Bella Hadid, but if you’re looking for something more subtle, popular brands like Converse and Dr. Martens have come out with platform versions of their signature designs!

Loud Prints

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To dress in the 1970s, you had to embrace color. There was no shame in sporting multiple statement pieces or even wearing different patterns on top of one another. Breaking free from the minimalist trends that recently ruled the fashion world may be difficult, but striking pieces are steadily rising in recognition, like this Crochet Floral Shrug from Anthropologie ($69.95, shop now) and dresses from brands like The Hippie Shake.

Are there any ’70s styles that you wish would come back into the fashion cycle? Let us know in the comments below!

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