The Wolf Cut: This Season’s Biggest Hair Trend

Fall 2021 is full of surprises – and that includes the latest hair trends. At the beginning of the pandemic, one particular hairstyle, dubbed the “e-girl,” was all the rage, where people would bleach the front two standards of their hair to achieve an alternative look. The e-girl hair trend was short-lived, but it paved the way for a new hairstyle to take its place: the wolf cut.


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The wolf cut, also known as the shag, is characterized by its piecey bangs cut short with intense face-framing. The popularity is snowballing, and, as a result, hairdressers are having to quickly learn how to achieve the ideal balance of messy, shaggy hair with flattering layering for their clients. So… How did the wolf cut become so popular seemingly overnight?

Curtain Bangs Alternative

Another popular hair trend that took over our social feeds in spring 2021 was curtain bangs. These long, wispy, ’70s-inspired bangs catapulted the desire to have short, face-framing layers. But curtain bangs are difficult to style, especially if your hair lacks texture or can’t hold a wave. So to create body and volume through the strands, people opted for longer layers in addition to the fringe. Think of the curtain bangs plus long layers style as the preppy sister of the wolf cut.

All About the Layers

The wolf cut is all about the layers! If you lack volume, texture, and body, the style is bound to accentuate any waves you have in your hair. Likewise, if you have wavy, curly, or coiled hair, the style will keep your waves and curls defined so they don’t fall flat.

Almost a Mullet

The wolf cut is the modern-day mullet, but it’s more feminine. For example, you have the short face-framing pieces in the front for business and long layers in the back for the party. Of course, the wolf cut isn’t as extreme as the mullets back in the day, but they do create a sense of nostalgia.

The Takeaway

The wolf cut is the ultimate cool-girl hairstyle of the season. It is low maintenance and lets you wake up with the ideal “bed head” hair without putting in any effort. If you feel your hair is dull and needs a refresh, think about the wolf cut. It’s always great to experiment, and if you don’t like the style, it will be easy to grow out.

Are you ready to make the chop?


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