Hot Sleeper? Here’s How to Cool Down

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling unnaturally hot or covered in sweat? It’s a frustrating, bothersome issue, but there’s typically no need for alarm*. Here are some tips and tricks for easing your hot sleeping symptoms!

Examine Your Nighttime Routine

Your body temperature can change depending on what you do (or don’t do) before sleeping. For example, if you work out right before bed, your body will naturally have an elevated body temperature. Analyzing your nightly routine is the first step toward curbing hot sleeper symptoms.

Rethink Your PJs

Consider the clothes you wear while sleeping. No clothes? Your body temperature will veer toward the lower side. Silk pajamas might be your best bet as a hot sleeper. Not only does the fabric have a cooling effect, but it also falls smoothly over your body. Avoid wearing heavy fabrics such as wool or flannel.

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Purchase a Cooling Fan

Oscillating tower fans were designed for hot sleepers. They’re slim enough to be placed anywhere in your bedroom, and they automatically disburse cool air throughout the room. Some fans even come with a special nighttime setting that starts with a heavy breeze and gradually decreases in intensity.

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Get Some Blackout Curtains

Purchasing blackout curtains can prevent the sun from penetrating your bedroom windows throughout the day. When you get ready for bed, blackout curtains will ensure that your room is already cool for a good night’s sleep.

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Invest in Cooling Sheets

There are many options for cooling sheets, but you want to look for ones that are moisture-wicking, meaning they naturally draw water away from the skin, allowing your body to regulate its temperature.

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Cool Down With a Sleep Mask

What better way to cool the body than by providing cooling relief to one of the warmest areas? Right before bed, place it over your eyes with the adjustable strap in a comfortable position on the back of your head.

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*While night sweats usually aren’t a serious cause for concern, we recommend speaking with your doctor if you suffer from night sweats or increases in body temperature, as they could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

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