Why You Should Try Red Eyeshadow

It’s probably the most-neglected color in your eyeshadow palette, and you’ve probably overlooked it a hundred times. But it’s time to stop ignoring your red eyeshadow and start putting it on your eyelids instead. Right now, red is super trendy, and that means right now is the perfect time to give this look a try.

Which Red is Right?

The key to wearing the red eyeshadow trend is choosing the right shade of red for your face. If you have a darker skin tone, shy away from light-colored and bright reds, and stick to deeper, richer shades. You want to look for reds with a purple base, such as shades of burgundy and magenta. Fair skin tones pair well with rusty reds that have a brown undertone. If your skin tone is more medium, look for bright, true red in shades like cardinal and apple.

All your favorite makeup brands offer red eyeshadow. Nyx makes a hot red shade that’s bright and bold. Urban Decay has a rust-red shade that’s perfect for more muted red looks. Real Purity’s plum eyeshadow is made for darker skin tones.

How to Wear Red Eyeshadow

As with all makeup, you can’t just start slathering red around your eyes without any preparation. Start with an even base before you apply your eyeshadow. Use concealer and/or foundation to even out your skin tone. Close your eyes and apply concealer around your eyelids, too. Blend well to create a smooth, even look. You want to take extra care to eliminate any redness in your around your eyes before you add red eyeshadow. Otherwise, you could create an effect that makes your eyes look red and bloodshot. You will also want to pay attention to dark circles under your eyes. The blue-gray tone of undereye circles can be enhanced by the red eyeshadow, so be sure to conceal these dark areas well.

Next, dab a bit of bronze, gold or copper eyeshadow to the middle of your eyelids and in the creases; if you want to break up the red. Use a plum colored eyeliner to define your eyes.

Red eyeshadow will also make a trendy pop when you apply it around your lash lines. The red will immediately stand out and draw attention, and isn’t that the whole point of wearing eyeshadow?

Try Red Eyeshadow

Make your eyes stand out, and try this trendy look for yourself. Red eyeshadow works surprisingly well with all skin tones, and it may surprise you how great this color looks on you.

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