How to Create a Quiet, Personal Space Anywhere

Ideally, everyone would have their own private meditation garden. You could decorate it how you want, throw a water feature or some soothing wind chimes in there and lock the door so that no one could go in but you. But the reality is, even getting a quiet corner of a room can be impossible at times. Learn how to create a quiet, personal space anywhere you are, any time you want.

Designing Your Space

Strip away all the stuff you don’t need, and you will realize that there are only a few things you truly have to have to build yourself a nice space:

  • A comfortable seat. If you have a comfortable place to sit or lie down, things are looking pretty good for you. This doesn’t have to be a chair; a good cushion can be perfectly comfortable. Folding chairs and cushions are portable, so you can keep one of these items handy at the office or at home.
  • Aromatherapy. Get a scented candle, scented oil, a sachet of potpourri or some other small, nice smelling item that’s easy to store and carry. You can even get a flameless scented candle. If you want to soothe yourself, you need to work with all of your senses. That means what you smell is important, too. Give yourself a restful environment by adding something sweet-smelling to your atmosphere. It’s much easier to calm your mind when the place you’re in smells good.
  • Earbuds. Time to tune the world out. Make sure you have your phone and earbuds with you and have some audio that you can access easily. Whether you listen to a Beethoven symphony or simple white noise, you want to have sound so you can make the rest of the world go away.
  • Your self-care prop. What do you want to do with your quiet time? What helps you relax and puts you in the right headspace? If you plan to meditate, you may want to have a beautiful rock or shell that you can use as a focal point, just a little piece of beauty that you can take anywhere.
  • At Home or the Office. If you are somewhere that you can make yourself a more established personal area, try these simple things. Decluttering—a clean space is a more relaxing space. Bring the outside in—nature is a natural relaxing agent, so bring in a small plant or something green.

Your Personal Space

When you have the essential items, you can create a personal space anywhere. Find a shaded spot outdoors, a corner of the room, and eventually, anywhere you go you will be able to feel like you are in your own space. You have all the tools you need to take care of yourself, so use them. Whenever you need to take a minute and be in your own space, do it.

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