Top Makeup Artists Suggest Not Wasting Time With These Products

With constant influences from your favorite Instagram stars, it’s easy to get whisked away in the next big makeup trend. Even though everyone may be using silicone sponges, boutique lip pencils and contour kits that promise flawless results, there are much less expensive tools that are just as effective. In fact, there are some things top makeup artists wouldn’t waste their time with because the results are mediocre at best. Check out some of these products below:

  • Silicone sponge: This new sponge promises to make makeup application easier, but according to Beauty Blender, Anthony Giles, they don’t really work. You’ll actually end up making the application part more complicated. You’re better off using cruelty-free powder brushes made from shaven natural goat hairs.
  • Eye shadow primer: You don’t have to go for the most high-end primers. You can opt from a cheap option called creamy white shadow. According to Lorin Cole, if you use it from the inner corner bleeding out toward the outer it will be easy to blend your existing shadow and avoid cakiness at the same time
  • Airbrush foundation: Although it’s a quick alternative to all of the necessary blending, it can create an overdone look. You don’t have to invest in something this expensive. You can simply invest in a good, luminous foundation for a fresh look.

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