Three Unique Blushes to Add to Your Makeup Bag

Image via Freck Beauty Cheekslime

As makeup trends change, so do the products we use. For example, instead of going for an intense glam with chiseled cheeks and a warm complexion, we now love a more natural look. And because the no-makeup-makeup look is all the rage, swiping on a hint of blush is the only thing you’ll need to look fresh and revitalized.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen liquid and cream blushes reign over powder formulas. Now, we see every blush consistency imaginable, from serum to oils and everything in between. Here are some of our favorite new blushes you need to add to your makeup bag ASAP.

Freck Beauty Cheekslime ($22, shop here)

Freck Beauty gained success with its original Freck OG product, which creates natural-looking freckles. Now, the brand has moved on to mastering cheek products. Cheekslime is a lip and cheek tint available in five gorgeous shades that will complement any skin tone. The buildable, pigmented blush is also infused with liquid plant collagen to create a youthful glow while adding dimension and texture. Plus, its quick-dry formula means it will last all day long.

Merit Beauty Flush Balm ($28, shop here)

Nobody does minimal beauty quite like Merit Beauty. This balmy blush will keep your cheeks hydrated and natural-looking with a transparent veil of color. The unique applicator is also a foolproof way to apply blush without the risk of going overboard. Flush Balm is the ideal blush if you want a glow-from-within finish. It even contains vitamin E to keep the skin plump.

Youthforia BYO Blush ($36, shop here)

Youthforia has created the most innovative blush we’ve seen: the world’s first color-changing blush oil. The formula is designed to change color according to your pH level, so it will always look natural and flattering! Use this blush on bare skin, on top of makeup, or for an under-eye color corrector, or mix it into your foundation to create a skin tint. The blush oil is made with 20 skin-friendly plant-based ingredients that are so gentle – you can even sleep in it.

Have you tried any of the blushes above? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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