Coat Styles We Love This Winter

Image via Dolls Kill Celestial Waves Metallic Puffer Jacker 

Sure, pants, boots, and sweaters are necessities for cold weather, but today, we’re all about coats. Here are a few of our favorite winter coat trends of the season, plus some of our top picks and recommendations for each.

The Puffer

This year, the puffer is back in a big way – and with varieties we haven’t seen before. Some of our favorite new twists on the old puffer style include statement collars, pleather fabrics, and metallic sheens. If you wrote off these coats before, it’s time to reconsider!

Our Picks:

Andrew Marc Alex Faux Leather Super Puffer Jacket ($85, shop here)

Dolls Kill Celestial Waves Metallic Puffer Jacket ($68, shop here)

Gentle Herd High-Neck Puffer Jacket ($98, shop here)

Nap Loungewear Oversized Quilted Down Puffer Coat ($169, shop here)

The Quilted Coat

This versatile style tends to be a bit thinner than a puffer jacket, meaning it can serve you well into the spring and fall. Quilted coats can have classic diamond or square patterns, swirls, and more and come in fabrics and colors that are both funky and sleek.

Our Picks:

Wild Fable Hooded Quilted Jacket ($40, shop here)

Stradivarius Longline Quilted Jacket ($59.90, shop here)

The Classic Camel Wool Coat

This camel wool coat is a classic for a reason: The shade looks great alongside other neutrals, plus it looks just as good in a formal office setting as it does during a casual grocery run. We will always love this coat style – no matter the time or place.

Our Picks:

Mango Woolen Coat With Belt ($199.99, shop here)

Calvin Klein Mid-Length Coat ($270, shop here)

The Shacket

Shackets, or “shirt jackets,” tend to be more like a light jacket than a coat, but they make for great layering pieces over turtlenecks and underneath a warmer coat when needed. The shackets trending right now vary from neutrals to plaid patterns.

Our Picks:

Sanctuary Midi Plaid Shacket ($119, shop here)

Asos Design Brushed Shacket in Camel ($80, shop here)

Winter is the perfect excuse to grab a new coat (or maybe a few of them – a girl has to have options, right?). Consider these styles as you hit the racks at your local department store, or use our picks as inspiration for your online shopping journey.

And don’t forget to share your favorite winter coat styles with us in the comments below!

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