Fixing the Most Common Beauty Mistakes

We all make the occasional beauty mistake. Since it happens to the best of us, we’re calling out a few of the most common beauty faux pas and telling you exactly what you need to know to remedy them.

Hair Dye Horrors

Hair dye can go awry very quickly. Sometimes, we try a DIY approach and end up with a dye job that’s basically nightmare fuel. Other times, we trust a professional, and there’s a miscommunication somewhere along the way. If you went to a salon, go back! It’s always worth sharing your feedback since your stylist may be willing to fix it for you for no extra charge. The best at-home solution is to simply let the color fade out in its own time. But if you can’t wait, there are some hacks you can try to banish it sooner.

Overcommitting to Perfume

A good spritz of your favorite perfume can leave you feeling confident all day, but over-application can leave you feeling nauseous. Obviously, the most effective solution to over-applying fragrance is to hop in the shower and rinse it off… But we don’t always have that kind of time. Instead, remedy the situation by wiping the area with baby wipes or a rubbing-alcohol-soaked cotton ball. If that still doesn’t do it, a quick outfit change will let you ditch the fragrance that may have soaked into your clothing.

A Bad Foundation Color Match

When you accidentally pick up the wrong shade of makeup, it might be tempting to ditch it entirely. But when it’s only a few shades off, you can deal with it. If the color is too dark for your skin, dilute the formula by mixing it with a few drops of moisturizer. This will give a sheer finish that hides the mismatch. You can also mix it with another product to lighten it up, such as your concealer.

If the color is too light, try blending it with another product in a darker shade – like a bronzer. You can also apply the too-light foundation as is, then strategically blend bronzer and blush powders to even it out with your skin tone.

Picking a Zit

When acne happens, it’s hard to ignore! But the urge to pick and poke should be – or you can end up with scarring or infection. Instead, apply an acne patch and let it work its magic.

Have you experienced any of the above beauty blunders? Share your remedies with us in the comments below!

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