The Best Winter Hair Color Ideas

Change up your look this winter by changing your hair. A new color is a great way to give yourself a new look for the season, and a fun way to experience with different winter styles. Go brighter, go darker, go warmer or go cooler, depending on the look you want to create for yourself this season. After all, there is no wrong answer because great fashion is always fluid.

Ash Blonde

Celebrate the season with gray-blonde highlights that give your hair a cool color tone. This looks gorgeous in winter, and the color matches beautifully with cold season fashions like ruby red and emerald green. The color is perfect for lighter hair colors, such as shades of blonde or gray. Pair ashy blonde hair with bold jewel tones to show this shade off.

Chestnut Brown

Warm up your look for winter with reddish-brown, chestnut highlights. This pairs beautifully with darker hair colors, like brown and black. Warm chestnut locks look amazing with lighter clothing colors like white and gray.

Go Pink

If you want hair that really gets attention this winter, go for a bold look and go pink. Pale pink is an eye-catching hair color that adds a pretty, bright touch to your winter look. Pink is a great color for any hair shade, whether you choose highlights or completely color your locks. The pink will also warm up your face to make your skin look a little rosier, always a bonus in winter when it’s impossible to get a natural tan.


Deep purple highlights add a gorgeous multi-toned look to dark hair colors. A rich plum color adds a lot of warmth that looks luxurious in winter. Plum is a perfect hair shade to match with black, brown and gray winter fashions.

Silver Blonde

Pay homage to the winter landscape by dyeing your tresses silver blonde. Platinum is a shade that never really goes out of style in hair, and it looks beautiful against all any wintry landscape. Silvery blonde highlights look beautiful against golden blonde hair, or you can really brighten up your look by coloring all your hair in this dazzling shade.

Deep Red

Dye your hair a deep, dark red shade that will look amazing with all the darker and neutral colors you find in winter fashion. Dark red hair pops against winter white and faux fur. This hair shade shows up well against both light and dark clothing colors.

Honey and Caramel

Give your hair a rich, multi-toned look with honey highlights and caramel lowlights. The rich deep blonde and light brown look gorgeous together, and they create a very warm winter look that can pair beautifully with both dark and light clothing colors.

Get Your Best Winter Hair

Do you want to dazzle with bright tresses that catch the eye? Give yourself a sexy look with rich, warm tones? Or are you just in the mood to experiment? Play around with your hair color this winter, and have fun changing up your style. After all, if there’s one thing winter needs it’s definitely a lot more color!

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