A Quick Guide To Fashionable Winter Hats

Protecting your head from the cold winter weather is indeed the most practical thing to do. But, practical doesn’t always mean fashionable.

Hats are one of the chicest accessories of the winter besides the scarf. However, if you don’t pair it right, you could end up wearing a quirky hat with a chic outfit – equaling a major no-no.

To pull it off, there are factors to consider (fabric, color, style and occasion).

From choosing the right color and style to knowing what to pair it with, here are a few ways to wear your winter hats, so you’re styling and profiling just right…


Various Hat Colors To Go For

As winter settles in, this is the perfect time to go shopping for hats. There are plenty to choose from, but because you’re going to wear these hats for at least the next 4 months, you want to make sure you pick versatile colors.

At minimum, you want a dark colored hat and a bright colored hat. Dark colors go with just about anything and bright colors are perfect when you want to add a pop any outfit.

More specifically, you may want to look for black, olive green or brown for dark colors. For bright colors, you want to look at tan, white, or bright red.

Bright colors go well with plaid and can be worn to work or to a holiday event. Dark hats go well with solid colors and can be worn for a night out on the town.


5 Hat Styles To Go For

There’s no shortage of hat styles to wear. You’ve got the popular beanie. This is one of the most commonly worn hats. It can be casual and chic or fun and quirky. It pairs well with many things, including jackets and coats.

There’s the knit hat, which is an exciting piece that goes well with dressier outfits. You may want to pick brighter colors of this hat.

The Newsboy cap is an effortless accessory that brings a refined feel to almost any outfit. You’ll want to go for darker colors when wearing this hat such as black or brown.

On really cold days, you can go for fur hats. There was a time when fur hats were only worn by aristocrats, but now anyone can get one (though it doesn’t have to be real fur). Fur hats add edge to a dressy outfit. Try pairing it with a trench coat and ankle boots.

A beret is a staple hat you want to have in your closet. You can get one in black, olive or tan. They also pair well with jeans and a turtleneck sweater.

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