Should You Buy These Celeb Beauty Brands?

Another year, more celebrity beauty brands! While many people buy these brands for the name, others actually love the products. So, are you ready to figure out what the next wave of celeb brands has to offer? Let’s review.

Ariana Grande & R.E.M. Beauty

Ariana Grande isn’t new to the beauty industry; she has released multiple perfumes including Cloud and God Is a Woman. Now, she has launched her vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics brand R.E.M. Beauty, featuring innovative eye, face, and lip products. Overall, Ariana’s brand is meant to be accessible to everyone; it is relatively affordable and is excellent for anyone wanting to invest in basics.

Pharrell & Humanrace

Pharrell is known for having perfect skin, and in various interviews, he has shared his secrets. Now, you can buy his skincare routine yourself with his brand Humanrace. The highlight of the brand is the Three-Minute Facial Routine Pack ($110, shop here), featuring a rice powder cleanser, lotus enzyme exfoliator, and humidifying cream. For body care, we like the Take A Moment Body Bar Set ($42, shop here), which includes two Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bars (with kaolin, snow mushroom extract, and shea butter) and one Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar (with charcoal, rice powder, and jojoba seed oil).

Harry Styles & Pleasing

Harry Styles is no stranger to breaking beauty norms and experimenting with his look, so it’s no wonder he decided to launch his gender-neutral brand Pleasing, which offers a line of nail polishes and two skincare products. The nail polishes come in four stunning shades: dark blue, pink, white, and an iridescent, matte topcoat, but we love The Pleasing Pen ($30, shop here), which contains two serums for the lips and eyes, and The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum ($35, shop here) to give your skin a boost of nutrients and hydration.

Have you tried any of the celebrity beauty brands above? Share your experience in the comments below!

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