Hair Desperation Doesn’t Have to Be a Thing

Don’t have plans to get to the hair salon any time soon? If desperation is setting in, what’s to be done until re-acquaintance with your favorite hair stylist? When the haircut is in between grow-out stages and the transition is past awkward, take the bobby pins and comb into your own hands. While lobs grow out more gracefully than most cuts, even pixie cuts two months past their prime can be handled. Here are hints to look good until your next trim.

Raid your bobby pin stash

Pull off a classy up-do in minutes. Twist lengthy pieces of your hair into small sections and secure them with bobby pins and tiny clips into a twisted updo. Tease the hair slightly as you pin it to create volume.

Rock scarves and headbands

It’s a simple and practical solution for those days when you just don’t have time to deal. Throw on a headband or scarf for a pulled-together look that gets your bangs out of your face and keeps flyaways in check. No product required.

Rediscover your comb

Instead of raking your hands through your hair to style after shampooing, use a comb. Combs make it easier to coax hair and roots in the direction you want and provides better hair control.

Rescue aging haircuts with new style

Varied layers can make a flattering frame for your face as they grow. Creating a new style is a chic way to battle the in-between stage as your short hair grows longer. With longer layers in the front, you can experiment with a range of different looks. Get out the curling iron to add movement to your ‘do and hide any uneven lengths.

Slick it back

If a desperate self-trim turned into a major too-short disaster, take advantage of your shorn length. Short hair can look really good slicked back. Start by spritzing your hair with water, then comb it through a generous sweep of hair gel. Try brushing chopped longer layers to the side or back to mimic a pompadour. The style will stay put all day.

Change up your part

Switch up your part to keep unmanageable baby wisps out of sight. A deep side part makes even this tricky period appear streamlined and trendy.

Get some bangs for your buck

Bangs can be tricky. As the fringe lengthens toward your brows, blow-dry the ends with a round brush so that they curve inwards. To keep heavy bangs from feeling too heavy once they start to grow out, part them in the center and then use a curling iron or round brush to give them a subtle bend away from your face.

Side-swept bangs look good while they keep hair out of your eyes. Once your fringe passes your cheekbones, blending them with the rest of your layers will be easy.

Go long with extensions

Clip-in styles are the easiest option when you aren’t visiting the salon. If the shade doesn’t quite match your own hair, spray on tinted dry shampoo to blend the hue with your natural color. The blast also will disguise that synthetic shine.

Put product to good use

Use a moisturizing oil to add some shine before combing your hair in the direction you want it to go and letting it dry naturally without touching it. A volumizing mousse will give hair fullness and structure if you want a more textured look. Apply, then twist hair into random sections to let it air-dry and, when it’s nearly there, shake it out.

Fill a spritzer bottle with water and spray evenly to dampen but not soak hair. Generously apply a sea salt spray throughout and let hair air dry-for a loose, textured look.

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