Geometric Nails Play Tricks On The Eyes

New seasons not only bring out new clothing fashions… they also bring out new nail trends too. From glossy patterns to chic neon buttons, there are endless styles you can pull off on your hands that will stand out from the rest.

What’s in right now? Geometric nails! This form of nail art incorporates various style patterns that will play tricks on the eyes. This winter season, take a look at some of the hottest geometric nail trends you’ll want to try. Check them out!

Candy Buttons: These aesthetically pleasing dots look like buttons, hence why they call them candy buttons. This fun look is perfect to pull with colors like blue, magenta or orange.

Foil Cutouts: This graphic design is simple to create and makes a big statement. Pull it off by simply including a pop of foil over the white nail.

Pared Down Pink: Use various shades of pink with various colors to create a classic look.

Cat Eyes: Just like the name implies, this look was inspired by cat eyes. It’s super sexy and is best pulled off with metallic colors.

Golden Dots: Perfect for creating the moon and dots on hands with a breathtaking metallic gold.

Abstract Lines: If you want to give people something interesting to stare at, try the abstract lines. Simply use a neutral color as the base such as brown or cream and draw a different black line pattern on each finger.

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