Fishtail, French and Curly Braids Are Your Key to Summer Hair

Your hair can become your enemy in the summer heat. It may become frizzy or limp, cling to your neck, and it can make you feel much hotter. Braids are a perfect way to keep your hair looking amazing even in the midst of summer heat and humidity. This summer, fishtail, French and curly braids are leading the way for stylish, fashionable hair looks.

Fishtail Ponytail Braid

Fishtail braids look very complicated and intricate, but that’s deceiving. It’s actually fairly simple to make this braid all on your own. First, gather your hair in a standard ponytail and put a band around it to hold it in place. Separate the ponytail into two even sections and hold one in each hand. Separate a thin tendril of hair from the underside of your right hair section. Pull that smaller section up and over the right section of hair and bring it down to the center so that it’s between both the bigger sections. Pull that small section of hair into the left section and pull it tight. Now, do the same exact thing on the left side with a new, small section of hair. Keep repeating this all the way down your ponytail until it becomes a fishtail braid. Tie off the end of the braid with a band, and you’re ready to go.

  • Style trick: If you have thin or fine hair, gently pull on the sides of your fishtail braid once you’ve tied it off at the end. This will make the braid look fuller and fluffier to create the illusion of more hair volume. It’s okay if your braid is a little bit messy. After all, it’s summer!


The French braid is truly a classic, and it’s likely to remain a hair mainstay for generations to come. A French braid starts at your hairline at the front and goes down the length of your hair, but you can also start it halfway down the back of your scalp if you want that hair pulled back look. You can experiment with different French braids by using two or more of them on both sides of your part to create a unique look. Play with the placement of your French braid as you get better and better at making them. To make a classic French braid, grab four equal sections of hair in your fingers and start weaving them together. Work slowly and pull each section tight to keep your braid neat.

  • Style trick: Start at the top of your head and follow your hairline to make a French braid crown that will look amazing for everything from a casual beach day to a high-end formal affair.

Curly Braids

Braids and curls are big in summer hair this year. This works well whether you have naturally curly or totally straight hair. If your hair is curly, adding some braids can help you keep your locks under control. If your hair is straight, the braids will save you from having to curl your tresses.

There are many ways to wear curly braids. One of the easiest is to separate the front half of your hair from the rest. Separate it into two sections, and make two French braids from your temples going across your head down to your nape. Bind the two braids together, and let the rest of the length of your hair hang down. Curl everything that’s hanging down if your hair is straight, then if you’d like, gather it up into a low, loose bun. This is a beautiful summer look that won’t take you long to create, and it will wear well anywhere.

  • Style trick: Apply styling gel to your hair before you begin to make it easier to work with and to help it hold the style better.

Great Summer Hair

Experiment with braids this summer to get the trendy hair look, and have fun playing around with different styles and braid designs. By the end of the season, you’ll be a hair-braiding expert!

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