What’s Better Than Hearing “I Love You”?

Good relationships depend on effective communication, and there are many different ways you can express affection for your guy. Some men want to hear “I love you” even if they, in turn, have a hard time saying the words. Others take more notice when women show their feelings through thoughtful gestures. When you value him being in your life, these actions will let him know he’s a very important part of your world.

Put down the phone and pay attention.

Focusing your attention squarely on your S/O tells him that he is your priority. Constantly checking your cell phone during dinner delivers the message that he’s not all that important to you. Make eye contact while he’s talking and hold the text messaging to a minimum.

Give him a safe place to open up.

Create a safe space where your guy can be vulnerable. Don’t judge when you listen to his worries or problems, and don’t jump in to try to fix them, unless he is asking for help.

Let him know you value his opinion.

Ask for his advice. Men like to feel like they are needed. Asking for his advice shows that you value his opinion.

Cook his favorite food.

Did you ever hear the saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? That’s not just a cliché. Making his favorite meal demonstrates that you know him well and care enough about him to want to make him happy. Marriage therapists say those who cherish the small details about each other enjoy the happiest marriages.

Dress up for him.

Men’s brains are wired to respond to visual cues more than women’s brains. When you make an effort to dress up and look good for him, you send the signal that you desire him and care what he thinks.

Make sure you’ll be there for him a long time.

Taking care of yourself is not an indulgence for yourself. It’s also a way to let him know that you look forward to sharing a long life with him. Committing now to a healthy lifestyle ensures that you will have the chance to share time in the future. Eat right and get active physically. Reduce your stress and stop smoking if you do.

Give him genuine compliments.

Do you think he’s always the best-looking guy in the room? The best athlete on the field? The strongest guy in the gym? Compliments mean just as much to men as they do to women, so don’t be shy about telling him that you’re proud of his looks and strength.

Express your gratitude when he helps out.

Catch him doing something good and thank him. Guys have feelings and they like being appreciated. Next time he picks up the dry cleaning or collects the kids up from soccer practice, tell him how much you appreciate him.

Allow him time for himself.

Husbands need a little “me” time just as much as wives. Allowing him freedom away from the demands of family-hood (chores, kids, coaching Little League) will relax and refresh him.

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