Seashell Style

When you hear about seashell jewelry, you probably imagine a guy who’s wearing a puka shell necklace with a laid-back attitude. But seashells have recently shaken up the fashion world, and they’ve broken out of that style box. This year’s seashell jewelry is made in statement pieces that catch the eye and set the tone for style. Puka shells are out, but there are many other shell types that are totally hot in the fashion world right now.

Shells to Look For

How well do you know your shells? Give yourself a crash course in shells this summer with jewelry that looks literally plucked right from the beach. This summer, small cowrie shells, tulip shells, mini conch shells and cockle shells are leading the jewelry trends. Shell jewelry isn’t meant for necklaces alone. Search for earrings and bracelets with shells to start having fun with your summer style.

Not Just for Casual Wear

There’s something about seashells that feels casual. Maybe it’s because seashells remind you of being on vacation or of relaxing days on the beach. But this year, seashell jewelry has become high-end. Shells have a natural elegance and a simplistic beauty that makes them very easy to adapt to any high-fashion look. Shells are being combined with pearls and crystals to create glitzy, glamorous pieces that are perfect for formal wear.

Seashell pendant necklaces may be surrounded in platinum or gold. When polished to a high shine, shell earrings are stunningly beautiful.

Faux Shells

The shell trend has become so popular in jewelry that some designers are not using the shells, but recreating their shape for their trendy pieces. Get platinum or silver shell earrings to put a glamorous spin on the shell jewelry look.

The DIY Option

If you’re the creative type, you don’t have to spend any time shopping for shell jewelry. If you can get your hands on some shells and a hot glue gun, you can create your own shell jewelry. Craft stores sell earring hooks and jewelry bases of all types so you can create your own pieces. Add shells you’ve collected (or purchased), and work on making your own one-of-a-kind designs. This way, you can make exactly what you want to wear. 

Seashell Style

The shell jewelry trend is on the brink of becoming the hottest look of the summer. All the fashionable celebs are already wearing it, and you’re going to start seeing women wearing shells at beach and pool events that you attend this summer. Get a few great shell pieces to get the look that everyone wants to have.

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