What Should A Guy Really Spend On An Engagement Ring?

Okay, so you’re ready to get married and you’ve been dropping some not so subtle hints about it. Do you let your guy go out and blow his budget on what to get you?

Your guy knows how important the ring is to you. But, he may also be concerned about how much he should really spend.

This is where you can come in and save the day for him. No matter if your guy can drop $500 or $50,000 on your ring, take a look at this quick guide on what to spend on a ring:

#1: Three month’s salary – There’s school of thought that says you should spend about 3 months of salary on the ring. So, if your guy earns $8K a month, he should spend no more than $24K on the ring.

#2: One month’s salary – On the other hand, there’s another school of thought that says you should spend around one month’s salary on a ring. So if your guy earns $10,000, then a $10,000 ring is acceptable.

#3: Meet it in the middle – Maybe 3 month’s salary is too much and 1 month is a little stingy. If this is the case, try meeting it down the middle with 2 month’s salary.


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