3 Ways To Get Off The Treadmill And Enjoy The Sun

This summer, be sure to enjoy the sun by moving your workout routine outdoors. Hanging out in the sun is good for boosting your mood, keeping you active and stimulating your senses (which is great for creativity).

Here are some ideas on how you can get off the treadmill and into the outdoors this summer:

  1. Take a stroll or jog around a lake.
  2. Participate in a 3K, 5K, or even 10K run.
  3. Go for a bike ride.
  4. Go for a swim.
  5. Go kayaking.
  6. Tale on uneven surfaces and go hiking.
  7. Try stand-up paddle boarding.

When taking your workout outdoors, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

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