Rethink Tea

Teas. So many teas. Where do we begin? If you’re anything like me, you might be in the “I don’t have time for tea” category. Or maybe you can rarely get your tea to seep just right.

When you’re craving that nice cup of hot tea at the end of the day or first thing in the morning but don’t have the time or energy, it’s faster to make a cup of coffee. That’s why I am so excited about these organic, dissolvable Tea Drops. That’s right, no tea bag required.

Tea Drops were named Best Foodie Gift Under $15 by the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, and I can see why. These compact, fun shaped pressed Tea Drops are 100% recyclable, with no sweetener packets or honey/lemon needed. Not only are they made in America, the company is owned by females who have a lot of tea experience! If that wasn’t enough to convince me to buy, I saw that they had all my favorite flavors, like Earl Grey, Citrus Ginger, Sweet Peppermint and Matcha Green Tea.

In seconds, the tea was in my cart and on the way to my house. When I received the order, I was impressed by the compostable (and pretty!) thin wood box they came in. I picked out my first favorite flavor and plopped it into my favorite coffee mug. I poured 8oz of boiling water over it and watched it disappear. Voila! I took a sip. It was perfect. No sweetener, no honey, and no lemon needed. I went straight to my room to finish my tea while watching my favorite show. P.S. they even have dessert flavored teas. Hope you enjoy! You can find them here: (they’re also available on Amazon.)

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