How to Give Him the Best Valentine’s Day

He’s your special guy, and Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show just how much he means to you. You’ve come to know his interests and passions, sports he loves and favorite ways to spend his free hours. Now’s the chance to put your imagination and creativity to work and give him an experience crafted just for him. Create a heartfelt and authentic occasion that reflects your time together and you’ll give him the best Valentine’s Day ever.

1. Serve breakfast in bed

Start the day off on a romantic note by serving him breakfast in bed. A Keto fan might love steak and eggs served on a tray with your best linens and silverware and one red rose. A man in a rush to get out the door to work might favor a refreshing smoothie. He’ll face the morning as a happy guy when fortified with his favorite food.

2. Create a visual memory

Frame a photo of two of you together on your last camping trip or day at the beach. Collect your favorite photos and videos and surprise him with a slideshow.

3. Send a care package

Fill a box with small things you know he needs and wants. Add a sweet treat and a loving note.

4. Have food delivered to him

If he makes a habit of eating at his desk, send him lunch from his favorite restaurant.

5. Remember your first date

Plan a date that recreates the first time you went out. Go back to the same restaurant, wear the same dress, download the same movie for viewing at home. Recapture the thrill of your first kiss. Memories like this are precious and romantic.

6. Stir his senses with your perfume

You know how you love to inhale his scent on the shirt he left behind? Create the same moment for him by spritzing your perfume on a cozy throw. Match the sensory gift by presenting him with a bottle of his favorite cologne.

7. Take part in his favorite activity

He loves golf. You hate golf. Take him out for a round and enjoy spending time with him. He’ll appreciate the gesture even more because he knows you’re showing affection. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn to like golf.

8. Give a game or concert

Get tickets to go see his favorite sports team or band when they’re playing near you. This is a gift he’ll love even when the date isn’t on Valentine’s Day.

9. Take it outside

Plan an outdoor adventure that’s fun as well as romantic. Hike to the top of a mountain and enjoy the gorgeous view together. Raft down a nearby river or go backpacking into the woods. Spend the weekend camping out under the stars. Enjoying nature together is guaranteed to bring you closer.

10. Go on a beer or wine tasting tour

The local craft brewery holds snob appeal for a guy who’s into the art and science of great beer. Check to see if they offer tours and samples for a one-of-a-kind tour he’ll love. Plan a jaunt to the nearest vineyard or winery for your oenophile.

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