Put Down the Scissors: Three Ways to Update Your Hair Without Cutting It

I’m no scientist, but if I had to hypothesize the number one reason why people impulsively change their hair, my first guess would be (drum roll please): Boredom. Now, pair months in isolation with an endless scroll on Instagram, seeing celebrities and influencers flaunt their seemingly unphased hair—it may drive a person to attempt to cut their own hair. Whatever you do with those scissors will outlast this quarantine, so put the scissors down and discover these three equally as thrilling ways to alter your look and satisfy your need for change.

Temporary (and Safe) Color

Is now the time to bleach your entire head and attempt to dye it every color of the rainbow? Absolutely not. But, is now the time (while you’re out of the professional office environment) to play around with some totally temporary hair colors? Definitely! There are tons of temporary coloring options out there where permeance ranges from your next hair wash to as much as 20+ washes. If you’re looking for something super temporary, I recommend L’Oreal Paris Colorista 1-Day Temporary Hair Color Spray. There are no damaging chemicals used in their formula, so there’s no risk of long-term hair damage. Simply aim, spray, and style. For those who want something a bit more dramatic/long-lasting, but still want to protect their hair, give Overtone a try. They offer a wide range of colors from natural shades to pastels. This is a more permanent option (while still staying away from chemicals and bleach), so be sure to do some research on their website here and here.

Add Some Length

It doesn’t have to be all about the cut—you can add length, too! Check out extensions. No time like the present to try out long locks to hair flip around the house. A lot of at-home hair extensions can easily be clipped in under the top layer of hair for a seamless integration. Many of your favorite hair stores carry options, but Sally Beauty seems to have the widest assortment in styles.

Update Your Usual Techniques

Making yourself feel good as new can be as simple as changing up your everyday styling techniques. Usually wear your hair wavy? Try straightening it. Usually use a half-inch barrel or wand? Try something a bit thicker for a loose, tussled look. Even changing the side you part your hair on could revolutionize your everyday aesthetic without any extreme measures. Play around a bit and give something simple a whirl.

We’re all feeling the itch for change but realizing it’s an itch and not an actual need will serve you in the long run. If these techniques don’t satisfy your need for change, think about easy and manageable updates you can make around your house.

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