Our Favorite Products From Eight Saints Skincare

We aren’t quite sure when the beauty world decided that the reign of the “makeup routine” was over and the “skincare routine” was ready to take its place, but we couldn’t be more grateful to be living in the aftermath. With people constantly searching for the best skincare products, brands like Eight Saints Skincare took it upon themselves to concoct effective formulas that aren’t just good for your skin but also for the planet. Ethically sourced and small-batch tested, (never on animals), Eight Saints products feature, you guessed it, eight plant based key ingredients. So, if glowing skin is on your self-care bucket list, try out these five products ASAP.

Discovery Kit ($10, shop here)

One of the best parts about Eight Saints is that it allows you to test its products before committing to a full size. With the Discovery Kit, you can try eight of the brand’s best-selling products to get a feel for the formulas. The containers have enough product for more than one use, so you can see if they’re effective in the long run.

Seeking C Face Serum ($48, shop here)

This lightweight vitamin C serum wears beautifully under makeup and won’t leave your skin with a sticky finish. It also includes vitamin E to moisturize and keep your moisture barrier intact.

Pep Rally Face Serum ($46, shop here)

Hyaluronic acid is a favorite for moisturizing the skin, but few people know that it also helps the absorption rate of skincare applied after it. Containing green tea and MSM, we adore this serum for redness-prone or mature skin to help rebuild and replenish collagen loss.

Quality Control Acne Spot Treatment ($20, shop here)

A swipe of this product on your problem spots before bed, and you should wake up with clearer skin every time. This spot treatment was formulated with a high concentration of natural ingredients for serious results. It’s on the stronger side, so you may want to limit your use to every other day. To ensure the cleanest application possible and reduce bacterial contamination, place a small dab of product onto a clean finger before gently pressing it onto your skin.

Bright Side Cream Cleanser ($28, shop here)

For those with sensitive skin, even a simple face wash can leave your skin feeling raw and stripped – but not the Bright Side Cream Cleanser, which feels like you’re slathering your skin in moisturizer. Don’t be fooled by its lack of bubbles; this formula is perfect for a deep clean.

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