Is Age Just a Number? Dealing With Significant Age Gaps in Relationships

Is it possible to make a long-term relationship work with someone significantly younger or older than you? Of course, we know it’s possible, but we also know certain challenges come with the territory. Today, we’ll discuss how to deal with significant age gaps in relationships and attempt to answer the question: Is age really just a number?

Don’t Harp on It

What are the most important things in any relationship? Mutual understanding, compatibility, and love. If you have these things, constantly focusing on each other’s ages can be counterproductive. For example, when it comes to disagreements, the person in the relationship who’s older shouldn’t use their age as the reason they are right – and Vice versa. Accepting and giving each other equal chances is the only way to build a balanced and respectful relationship.

Ignore Societal Pressure

Under certain societal pressures, it can be difficult for couples with significant age differences to carry on with their relationship peacefully. It can be challenging to ignore disapproval from parents and friends or cultural norms, but ignoring nay-sayers is the only way to assess your relationship objectively.


Differences in interests, hobbies, and personalities can be sources of contention in any relationship – no matter how big of an age gap. Ultimately, compromising will be the best way to deal.

Help Each Other

When you face disapproval from the outside world, support from your partner should feel like a true blessing. During periods of frustration, appreciating your partner can strengthen your bond. Take advantage of each other’s experiences, and assist your partner in combating challenging situations.

Don’t Make It a Deal-Breaker

If you are lucky enough to find love – whether the person is older or younger than you – don’t let something like age be a deal-breaker. Be emotionally available to each other, listen, and work on your relationship daily. Do not make your age an excuse to argue; instead, use the age gap to build a strong relationship.

Do you have an age gap in your relationship? How do you handle it? Let us know in the comments below.


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