Organization Apps to Get Your To-Do List on Track!

As the fall season creeps in, it seems like our responsibilities – both at home and at work – are increasing exponentially. These helpful apps make staying organized a breeze, helping you complete your to-do list before you even have time to cross items off!


Designed to keep you and your teams organized, Asana is one of the best apps available for managing literal to-do lists. You can digitally check things off, create subtasks for items (which you can also check off), assign tasks to teammates or family members, and set due dates and reminders to keep you on task for longer-term projects. On top of all that, you can use the app for desktop or mobile views to ensure your to-do list moves as you do. Get the Asana app.


Similar to Asana, Todoist allows you to create itemized to-do lists, delegate tasks, and even organize tasks by category. The added benefit is that you can sync your email to add to-do list items directly from your inbox, removing that extra step of itemizing your list the old-fashioned way. You can even get visibility into your task analytics to see where you’re falling behind and where you’re excelling! Get the Todoist app.


Have you been through that all-too-frustrating process of guessing a password multiple times only to be locked out of your account? Enter LastPass. This app is the ultimate time-saver, as it safely stores your passwords to your most-visited websites, removing the most annoying part of the log-in process. Get the LastPast app.

Habit List

With ever-growing to-do lists, reaching personal goals (such as workout or fitness goals) can be challenging. With Habit List, these personal goals feel a lot more realistic, as it shows you your streaks and gives you kudos when you stick to a habit multiple days in a row. It also reminds you of what you still have to do for the day and schedules tasks to keep you on track. It even provides an analytics overview that shows you what you’ve accomplished. Get the Habit List app.


Do you fixate on the clock when trying to get something done? Are you more motivated when you set a dedicated amount of time to work on a project? If you fall into either of these categories, TimeTimer is the app for you. Whether using it at home to set timers for brushing teeth or cooking a meal or at work to drive some urgency to a project, the visual timer is a great asset you’ll want in your back pocket. Get the TimeTimer app.


Lastly, there is nothing more detrimental to a to-do list than distractions – especially with so much information at our fingertips. RescueTime is an app that removes those pesky distractions. You can track how much time you spend on your device, limit your screen time, block apps and other distractions for when you’re trying to accomplish a task, and more! Get the RescueTime app.

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps to ensure your to-do list is completed in no time!

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