Obvious Signs That You’re Underpaid

If you have a job, there’s a very good chance that you’re underpaid. According to a survey done by Indeed.com, only 19% of people feel like they are getting what they’re worth. Whether that’s true or not can be determined based on a couple of factors. If you feel underpaid, here are some signs that you’re spot on:

  • If your coworkers are getting paid more for the same job as you, then there’s a good chance that you’re underpaid. First, do research on what people in your position make. Then ask the hiring manager what the salary range is. Start getting comfortable talking about money with your manager.
  • Your peers are getting promotions. If you notice that everyone around you is getting a promotion and you’re still in the same position, but your work is just as great, it could mean that you’re doing the work of a promotion without the money to match.
  • You’ve developed new skills and are using them, but no one has noticed. This happens a lot. You gain a new valuable skill for the company and you’re using them, but no extra pay is coming along with it.
  • The company is hiring for a position similar to yours and for more money. If you notice that the company you’re with is hiring for another position that is identical to yours and the pay is more, it’s a good indicator that you’re being underpaid.

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